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i can’t believe that a year has passed since her birth. we didn’t get her until june, for obvious reasons, but it was beautiful chemistry when we met. i know she’s not my ‘child’; in lots of ways, she is though. i feed her, bathe her, play with her, take her out to do her business, give her love and affection, discipline her, sleep and nap with her, laugh with her, scold her, stare deep into her gorgeous eyes, and take a gazillion photos of her. i can go on and on and on about my dog! :) she provides this unconditional love that only a canine can give; it’s warm and gushy and fun and completely intentional. to think, i was a bit on the scared side about getting a dog. pretty much apprehensive. i haven’t been a pet owner for years and was afraid that i wouldn’t have enough time to give, attention to furnish, worried about neglecting the little thing, etc… so not the case! sighhh… the pics posted aren’t my ‘favorites’ but ones that i totally adore among, as i said earlier, a gazillion! 

here’s to many more years to come, takara michi! you cute ass, rad little chihuahua of mine!!! <3 <3 <3 

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