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Proud Aunt Moment

SUPER STOKED my youngest nephew JUST WON himself a spot on the 2011-2012 AAU Junior Feather Weight Taekwondo Olympic Team! He’s down in Florida and just finished handing out that ‘whoop ass’ to those that dared compete! I can’t even begin to express the amount of love and joy I have for this kid. He’s totes a winner in all he does! Love you, Poon!!

That’s his face all day, every day… <3<3<3

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Damn. The little things that you don&#8217;t or wouldn&#8217;t think to do, you see on tumblr. You know I&#8217;m bout to have me some of these in the very near future.

Damn. The little things that you don’t or wouldn’t think to do, you see on tumblr. You know I’m bout to have me some of these in the very near future.

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I’ve been watching (not by choice) Looney Tunes (old/original episodes) that have been dvr’d via Cartoon Network by the significant other. I’m not going to lie, some of it is down right disturbing and completely inappropriate for kids. I made a comment about it and was informed that these were the episodes they would show before a movie (in a movie theater) started back in the day… =/ ‘Black and white films’ back in the day. That explained a lot…

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Sometimes you should just keep your mouth shut, your thoughts to yourself, swallow that negativity and live a better and beautiful life.

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It’s YOUR birthday!!!

Been a rough few years behind us/you and I know you’ve been struggling to find what you’re looking for… You’re only (lol, currently watching our lovely canine chew on her paw) growing older and wiser, my dear. Your pure talent shines in all that you do and if you weren’t so humble about it you might appreciate your true self even more than you do now. At least you can trust that those that love and support you and the work you put forth recognize your worth and everything you have to offer… and in every aspect of your life. I wish you a wonderful birthday filled with hugs, kisses, licks (from T!), beautiful thoughts, inspiration and motivation. Let your determination grab hold hard and push you toward your next goal. Believe in yourself like those that sincerely trust your decisions and actions do. Don’t let your ‘mind’ overpower your will. You got to do big things in your life time. Keep on moving…

You’re the best. You’re my better half. You’re my soul mate. You’re the love of my life. You’re the handsome body and face I get to see every day. Chin UP - move forward.

H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y, H A R!!! With love and affection always and a lifetime.

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… I don’t think Spring is ‘here’. I think we are going straight into Summer. Hot. Ass. Humid. Sticky. Summer. Love or hate. It’s where I reside and I ain’t complaining. Yet.

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'Yoga ROCKS'…

… was the name of the 2.5 hour workshop that I attended yesterday. It was well worth the time and the money. Trust. The class wasn’t jam packed but there were a good number of bodies in the room. The thermostat was set at 80 but after the door was shut and we got moving it easily rose to about 90-95. How glad was I that I decided to grab my bandana AND a towel before I left? Very. I sweat (and worked) my ass off. It was not only exhilirating but challenging in all aspects. It was about 15 minutes of warm up, (felt like) 2 hours of Power yoga and then the last 15 minutes to cool down and Savasana. Kevin and Kara lead the class and their dynamic, as always, was inspiring, energetic and fun! There was actual music playing.. hence, ‘rocks’ in the title of the workshop and the flow was wonderful. It was hosted by Bloom Yoga in Southington (CT).

Every one has their own opinion on the practice of yoga. I respect them all. For me, it’s a time to release, detox and just ‘be’ - ‘on my mat’. It was an intense workout from head to toe and mind and body. They pushed us to face our own ‘edge’ and talked throughout the whole class with positive energy. My yoga practice is just that… my own. What I do on my mat may be completely different from my neighbor and that’s what yoga is about (among many other things). It’s difficult for me to believe that humans truly believe they are incapable of ‘sitting still in silence’ or ‘doing certain poses’. Because, in actuality, everyone… EVERY ONE of us needs a moment once in awhile, if not every day, to close their eyes and just breathe. All the while getting in a very decent, not to mention fulfilling workout on your core and (usually) whole body.

I’m not an advocate for yoga but I highly recommend it. Highly. For every one.. young and old.

Sitting on my couch and winding down before zzz time I’m already feeling the aftermath of the workshop. Hm.. what a great feeling. Sore as hell and afraid of what I may or may not feel like in when I rise from sleep, I have no regrets.


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Taki and me getting our yoga on&#8230; she OWNS that downward dog position. Look at that tail! :D

Taki and me getting our yoga on… she OWNS that downward dog position. Look at that tail! :D

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51 degrees…

…was what my truck read this morning. It’s a hopeful number with Spring approaching. I love being able to experience the four seasons and I’m not a hater of Winter or the cold. However, we got dumped on this season and temps were pretty damn freezing. So, when the weather person says we’re going to have 50 degree weather this weekend, you KNOW I was a little bit happy. On the down side, the pressure is doing a number on my brain/sinuses/face… wicked headache :( I am patiently awaiting warm weather; the kind that doesn’t involve a large jacket, gloves, scarf AND a beanie. It’s pleasant when the season changes because not only does the temperature change, so does everything else around you. Including yourself. :D Change is good great! I don’t care what anyone else says.

How’s the weather out there?